Government Solutions

Provides a savings of up to 20-30% off your current telecom maintenance costs.

Cornerstone Communications proudly offers our value-added, cost-effective telecom maintenance services to government agencies. We provide these services for all Avaya and Nortel products. Government Solutions is designed and customized to meet the specific telecommunication needs of government agencies. This personalized program comes with the support of our highly-trained team of customer service representatives, our in-house corps of Tier III technicians and our global network of over 800 highly-qualified field professionals. Together we provide the most comprehensive telecom maintenance program in the industry.


Cornerstone’s Government Solutions comes with all the same benefits and services of our Premium Protection Program: On Site Crash Kits, 24/7 Secure Watch Monitoring Service, Bi-Annual Preventive Maintenance, Help Desk Support, Guaranteed Response Times, and Web Portal Ticketing Service. Government Solutions, on average, provides a savings of up to 20-30% off your current telecom maintenance costs.


The many benefits of Government Solution helps ensure that your PBX system will run efficiently and smoothly. Our On-Site Crash Kits include common control components, power supplies and voice terminals (when applicable). By providing On-Site Crash Kits, Cornerstone can maximize uptime in the event of equipment failure. This program also provides Bi-Annual Preventive Maintenance, which includes environment assessment, switch/switch room appraisal, filter care, and alarm/error clearance. In addition, Government Solution offers 24/7 Secure Watch, which monitors your PBX around the clock, delivering first step analysis of service-affecting events. These notifications may be sent to any tablet, cell phone or email address you choose. Cornerstone offers Guaranteed Response Times to ensure your situation is handled promptly and you can resume business as usual. A technician will generally begin working on your issue remotely within minutes of a major alarm notification or once a service call is received. If a technician must be dispatched, we guarantee a 4 hour response time for a Major Failure.


Cornerstone’s Help Desk gives you direct access to our professionally staffed team throughout the life of your contract and provides you the ability to address everyday issues without additional billing concerns. In addition, our Single Point of Contact ensures that your telecom maintenance issues will be addressed accurately and efficiently. Our trained technical service representatives possess the expertise to identify your service event and assign your call to the appropriate technician who will then work directly with you in order to resolve the matter. Cornerstone’s cutting edge Web Portal Ticketing Service is a password-protected system offering state-of-the-art technology that enables the customer to internally create and monitor the progress of each service event online.


Our Government Solution offers Investment Protection which is budget-friendly. We support all Avaya and Nortel manufactured products, releases and versions, and therefore, we can maintain your current telecom system until you decide an upgrade is completely necessary. Our 50,000 square foot warehouse is stocked with a complete inventory of telecom maintenance hardware. This equipment is tested, serialized and ready for next-day, even same-day delivery, increasing service efficiency.

Cornerstone Communications is a leading provider in GSA pre-approved products and services. We service and stock all Avaya and Nortel products. Log on to and to view a complete list of our products. Search by Cornerstone Communications.


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GSA Schedule Contract Number: GS-35F0278T
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