Premium Protection Program

Cornerstone Communications Premium Protection Program is a customized, flexible program designed to meet the special telecom maintenance needs of any type company, from small businesses to large corporations. This personalized program is supported by our stellar team of highly trained customer service representatives, an in-house corps of Tier III technicians and a global network of over 800 qualified field professionals. Together they provide the most comprehensive, valuable, user-friendly telecom maintenance program in the industry.

Cornerstone's Premium Protection Program provides many value-added benefits that allow our customers to optimize their current telecom system. This comprehensive program increases efficiency and performance. On average our budget-friendly Premium Protection Program saves customers 20-30% off current maintenance costs. Cornerstone offers customers preferred billing options with substantial savings and great service. Our many benefits include:

  • On-Site Crash Kits

    Provided by Cornerstone to each of its telecom maintenance customers, On-Site Crash Kits are customized to fit the individual needs of the customer. The kit includes, but is not limited to, common control components, power supplies and voice terminals (when applicable). On-Site Crash Kits help maximize uptime and are an effective and efficient way to deal with telecom equipment failure.
  • 24/7 Secure Watch Monitoring Service

    This invaluable service monitors your telecom system around the clock, delivering first step notification and analysis of service-affecting events. These notifications may also be sent to any alphanumeric pager, cell phone or email address as you prefer.
  • Bi-Annual Preventive Maintenance

    Cornerstone Communications provides this service to every covered telecom maintenance customer. Twice a year, Cornerstone will perform on-site telecom system checks, which include the cleaning and changing of filters, checking the environment and overall condition of the switch/switch room and making sure that the telecom system is running alarm and error free. Bi-Annual Preventive Maintenance provides peace of mind, strengthens the overall effectiveness of your telecom system and helps maintain smooth operations.
  • Help Desk

    This convenient benefit provides direct access to Cornerstone’s complimentary Help Desk of qualified professionals. This service enables customers to address everyday issues and seek help for telecom maintenance concerns without accruing additional costs.
  • Guaranteed Response Times

    A technician will generally begin working on your issue remotely within minutes of a major alarm notification or once a service call is received. In the event a technician must be dispatched, Cornerstone guarantees a 4 hour response time for a Major Failure.
  • Web Portal Ticketing Service

    Cornerstone is always looking for ways to maximize convenience and efficiency of operations. Web Portal is a password-protected system offering state-of-the-art technology that enables the client to internally create and monitor the progress of each telecom maintenance service event online.
  • Warehouse Inventory

    Cornerstone has over 50,000 square feet of warehouse space fully stocked with a complete inventory of Avaya and Nortel telecom maintenance hardware. All of this equipment is stringently tested, serialized and made ready for next-day, even same-day delivery as needed. This large inventory also provides the necessary parts for our On-Site Crash Kits.
  • Investment Protection

    Cornerstone Communications supports all manufactured products, releases and versions for Avaya and Nortel customers. As a result, you are not forced into any unnecessary telecom system upgrades. Instead, we can help strengthen your bottom line and ease budget concerns by maintaining your current system; only opting for telecom system upgrades when it makes business sense.
  • Single Point of Contact

    We understand that your time is valuable. One call to Cornerstone connects you to a qualified technical service representative who has the expertise to identify your service event and assign your call to the appropriate technician. No long waits or passing the buck; Single Point of Contact equals less confusion and peace of mind.
  • Vacation Coverage Plus

    We understand there are times your staff technician will be unavailable for an extended time period or possibly even overloaded by extra projects. Cornerstone can provide you with a solution for your specific situation.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    Cornerstone Communications has complete confidence in our ability, experience and personalized customer support. We have the confidence to back all of our telecom maintenance services with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Unlike many telecom service providers, if you are dissatisfied with Cornerstone for any reason, you may dissolve your contract at any time. With that kind of offer, you need look no further. The simple, easy solution for your telecom maintenance service is Cornerstone Communications.