#11024 Monitoring Alarm

Order Date: 08/09/2010

Technician:  Anthony Speraneo / Maintenance

Complaint: Monitoring alarm, trunk group down, 01D20 trunk circuit card alarm as PRI was out and can't call out.

Corrective Action:  Logged into system and checked ISDN PRI trunk group. Appears D-Channel is out of service; reported trouble to CO.  Dispatch technician.  Checked trunk group 7 status. Client stated that he reset AT&T T1 circuit pack and reseated the CO's CSU and the T1 came back up. Cancelled dispatch.  Also checked on PBX interchange alarm; may need to replace TN1648B SYS-AM in 01B or 01A. Will wait for next system interchange to see if it occurs again.

Interchange finding lend to recommendation to replace TN1648.  Will use TN1648 in Onsite Crash Kit.  Contacted client about time to replace circuit card, and client stated he would prefer to replace circuit card himself, but would like remote assistance. He will contact us when he gets to site. 

Assisted client with replacing TN1648B SYS-AM in 01A.  Will check on alarms tonight after system scheduled interchange.  No alarms; all tested OK.  Ship replacement TN1648 to replace Onsite Crash Kit circuit card used for client system.