#14378 Intuity voice mail failure

Start Date:  6/5/2012

  Today was the 5th day in a row that the voice mail system has frozen up and stopped working, when we reboot it starts up right away and works for the rest of the day.  System needs to be evaluated as to why this keeps happening. UPS, and the electrical seems to be stable. Please assist as soon as possible as this is a reoccurring problem.

Customer Alarms:  N/A

System Information:  Prologix G3csiV12

Corrective Action:

Logged into VM. Checked system logs. Changed VM to not use network backup the form has not been completed. Checked backup log. Found backups were failing indicating the tape is absent. Informed Client.

Completed diagnosing Intuity.

Worked with client. CPU fan is not operational. Need 450Mhz CPU fan. Clientl is checking the Travan tape drive belt.

Belt is still on the drive. Tape drive could be defective. Need to send a 450Mhz CPU fan, Travan STT8000A tape drive and 2 Travan tapes.

Sent hardware and monitored installation.  Issue resolved.