Switch is down

Start Date: 7/3/2012

Customer Complaint:  Switch is down-tone alarm-VM is down

System Information:  Definity R8, Intuity VM

Corrective Action:

Attempted to dial into switch but there was no answer. Customer  is setting up a time when we can get on site to diagnose the Definity system.

Found that the UPS was turned off. Customer stated she was not instructed by AVAYA to turn it off and does not know how it got that way. Powered up system and Intuity. Made test calls. System seemed OK. After about 5 minutes the system went into Emergency Transfer and indicated a major alarm on board for the Tone Clock. Shutdown the switch and replaced the TN2182 V4 tone board with one from our stock. Re-powered the switch and it was alarm free.

Replaced & restocked onsite TN2182BV4. Checked for switch alarms and verified correct operations of the system.