Definity Audix

Issue Date:  7/12/12

Customer Complaint:  Voice Mail dropping call.

System Information:  Definity Audix

Corrective Action:

Customer was having trouble with voice mail, messages are being cut off or the calling party would here the message 15 seconds left while they were leaving messages. Logged into VM and looked for alarms. Found thermal alarm code 3 tape temperature over level 1. Also inspected error log and found several DSP audit failures. Checked voice channel status. Logged into PBX. Checked channels. Found the VM was translated as slot 01B08 and the PBX was translated for 01A08. Changed channel assignment on VM to 01B08. Rebooted VM. Checked VM channel translations on PBX. Found restrict last appearance was set to Y for channels 1 thru 8. Changed to N. Also changed bridged call alerting for all channels to N. Set channels 1 thru 8 to brdiged appearance for button 10 on 12th channels. Saved translations on PBX. Contacted operator and tested all channels by calling and leaving a message in operators personal mailbox. Advised client of changes and corrective actions taker. Problem has been resolved, as a preventive measure, asked client to verify proper operation of the fans and filters on the Pologix cabinets A and B.

Avaya Maintenance Provider: Tech A.S.