Intuity Audix Down

Date: 7/30/12

Customer Complaint:  Intuity Audix down

System Information:  Merlin Legend, Intuit Audix MAP5P R5.

Corrective Action:

Worked directly with client on diagnosing Intuity MAP5P R5.

Attempted to use chassis of another voice mail. Believe both units have problems. Checking to see if the customer wants to send the voice mails in for bench repair.

Diagnosed 2 Intuity MAP5PV3 sent in for repair. Found customers VM has bad CPU Fan. Replaced CMOS battery. Motherboard has bulging caps. Replaced bad caps. Processor is also defective. Used processor from other Intuity. Performed successful backup of customer translations. Reset CMOS settings. Verified settings are correct in software. Cleaned unit. From case cover was cracked possibly during shipping. Used front door from other Intuity. Performed complete bench test to verify correct operations. Shipped to customer location. Installed repaired unit, powered up and checked for proper onsite operation.

Avaya legacy support:  Complete