Auto Attendant not answering.

Date: 8/1/12

Customer Complaint:
  Auto Attendant not answering

System Information:  Definity PBX G3siV11, Intuity Audix R5.1.56 450Mhz

Corrective Action: 

Customer called in stating the automated attendant was not answering. Logged into PBX and checked. TN750B in 01A01 has no announcement for incoming VDN. Advised that the announcement board suffix B does not store announcements on the card but rather is restored each time the system is rebooted. Customer had swapped the flash card. It is possible that the old announcements are on the other flash card. Customer looking for old flash card.

Assisted with restoring announcements.

Customer called stating the announcement restore was successful, system up and running. Customer then noticed that the voice mail still had a warning against CPU performance. There is another Intuity that is digital networked and is trying to gain access to this machine with an invalid password. Customer to provide dial-up information for the other machine so we can verify the network password.

Customer called about the VM being slow. Advised we still need the information for the remote machine.

Recieved access information for remote machine. Logged in and found the password contained an l instead of a 1. Changed and requested a full remote update from the Parma VM which was successful

Rebooted the Parma VM to clear the CPU warning. Verified no alarms. Will login and check machine tomorrow the make sure the alarm does not return.

Logged into VM and verified alarm has been retired.