Major alarm TTR-LEV

Date: 8/2/12

Customer Complaint:  Avaya Definity G-3 displaying major alarm TTR-LEV

System Information:  Definity G-3 V10/time and materials customer

Corrective Action:

Spoke with tech at the customer site. He stated that there has been alot of work going on in the telecom room because they are in the process of upgrading there switch. The alarm is caused by the system-parameters maintenance setting for TTR thresholds which is currently set to 16. There are 3 - TN748C Tone Detectors boards which have 4 DTMF(TTRS) each for a total of 12, this would cause a major alarm because it is less than the minimum threshold. We do not have maintenance permissions to change the setting. We could send them another TN748C to give the system 16 TTR's or just wait till after the upgrade. The alarm is not causing a problem at this time.

Waiting until upgrades have been completed, customer also stated they were interested in using us as they're Avaya maintenance provider.