Difinity Audix

Start Date: 12/29/2011

Complaint:  Unable to establish a connection to the Definity Audix for polling.

System: Definty G3v2g. running on a tn786b
5-slot Definity Audix

Corrective action:

Logged into VM and verified we could connect. Found tape counter warning. Removed tape and tested tape clean to clear alarm. Re-added tape and performed a successful save night, weekly and voice. Assisted Terri with swapping backup tapes. Performed another save nightly and verified no alarms. Terri stated we could reboot the voice mail after 4:30PM. Will perform a remote attended maintenance reboot and verify correct operations.

Synchronized time on PBX and VM. Performed remote attended reboot. Verified no alarms and correct operations. Next reboot 3/23.12.