Major Alarm

Start Date:  08/24/2011

Complaint:  Received Major Tone Board alarm from Monitor on Port Network 2. Contacted Greg and he stated the PBX had rebooted cabinet 2 and there were phone outages.

System:  Definity G3siV12 R012i. w/ MCC EPN Port2

Corrective action: 

Found that there was a problem with the PBX and that there may be a chance there was a power issue with the MCC cabinet PN2. Worked to verify the alarms were retired. Will check for possible causes. Received multiple tone board alarms after arriving at work. Assisted with troubleshooting the problem. Found PBX was unable to connect to PN2 over the expansion interface cards. Swapped TN570C, TN775C, TN2182B and power supplies but was unable to resolve. Moved TN2182C from PN3 to PN1 to verify it was not a tone board issue in the main cabinet. Began diagnosing MCC cabinet one carrier at a time. Was able to bring the cabinet back into service. Will check error logs and retired alarms to see what caused the cabinet failure.

Logged into PBX after getting a busy signal. PBX reported another tone board alarm. Found primary sync source 02A18 was out of service. Attempted to reset board. The connector for the DS1 board was loose.Verified PRI T1 was in service. The sync source returned to 02A18. Verified no alarms.