Definity Audix Service call

Service Call Date: 06/04/12

Customer Complaint:  Minor alarms on Audix. Please reboot (or whatever else you find necessary) to remove alarms.

System information:  Definity Audix

Corrective Action:

Found Software 5002 and 4100 minor alarms. Believe system was rebooted without proper shutdown. Removed nvram_err file to clear 4100 alarm. Need to reboot to perform file system check to clear 5002 alarm. Left message for Customer to see if it ok to reboot during the day or wait until evening.

Customer can reboot Definity Audix after 4PM CST. Will reboot tonight during other maintenance reboots. Also advised on message manager.

Performed remote attended reboot. Verified no alarms. Removed and re-added MO disk. Performed save nightly, weekly and voice. Synchronized PBX and VM clocks.