Frequently Asked Questions

How does the On-Site Crash Kit work?

After making the wise decision to join the Cornerstone Family of satisfied customers, you will receive an On-Site Crash Kit containing crucial system components. This is just an added measure of protection and a great convenience to our customers who no longer have to wait for the tech to get his hands on a replacement part. In the unlikely event of equipment failure, Cornerstone’s priority is to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Can Cornerstone Communications Provide 24/7 Phone System Support?
Yes. Cornerstone Communications provides round the clock phone system support for all generations of AT&T, Lucent, Avaya and Nortel telephone systems. You can choose from one of our four phone system maintenance packages: Premium Protection, Partnership, Legacy and GSA Maintenance .We are sure one of our phone maintenance packages will fit your needs and budget. Give our customer service team a call today to learn more. 888.963.9884
Avaya/Nortel no longer supports our telephone system.  Can Cornerstone service “older” equipment?

Yes we can.  Cornerstone’s Legacy Maintenance Program was designed to suit the needs of customers like you.  Our extensive inventory of legacy products and our well qualified technicians can keep your “older” system up and running.  However, as they say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” and Cornerstone agrees.  There is no need to be forced into upgrading a system that is fulfilling the telecom needs of your company.  Visit Legacy Maintencance Program to learn more about this money saving opportunity.

Can Cornerstone service my company even if we are located across the country?

Yes, on all accounts.  Whether you have one location or several throughout the country, Cornerstone can service your system as if we were right next door.  With our 24/7 Secure Watch Monitoring Service keeping an eye on your system and our network of qualified technicians ready to respond, you can rest assured any telecom situation will be dealt with to your satisfaction.

What if my systems go down on the weekend?

Like the name says, 24/7 Secure Watch Monitoring Service has your back 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  In the unlikely event a major issue occurs on the weekend (or at night), you will not be blind-sided Monday morning with a nasty surprise.  24/7 Secure Watch will notify Cornerstone  Communications, as well as key personnel you choose, any time there is a service affecting event.  To learn more about this invaluable service, visit 24/7 Secure Watch Monitoring Service.

Is Cornerstone Communications authorized for Federal Government Contracts?

Yes. Cornerstone is authorized to work with the Federal Government under GSA Schedule Contract Number: GS-35F0278T. Visit our GSA section to learn more.

I am being told that I must upgrade my older system. Is there an alternative?
Cornerstone’s Legacy Support is designed to prevent costly, unnecessary upgrades by utilizing your current telephony equipment. Cornerstone supports all legacy products, releases and versions. While manufacturers normally do not stock legacy equipment and may pressure a business into upgrading their entire phone system, Cornerstone has a 50,000 square foot warehouse stocked with a complete inventory of tested and serialized maintenance hardware. Cornerstone allows you to control costs by keeping your current phone system and only upgrading when it makes perfect business sense.
What do I need to provide to you in order to get a quote?
As a Third Party Maintenance Provider we will need only a few reports from your Avaya Definity or Communications Manager to provide a quote.  The reports are List Configuration Soft, List Configuration All, List Configuration Capacity.  If you need assistance retrieving these reports please contact a Cornerstone Communications account executive.  This will give us a great start on quoting your maintenance for your Avaya Definity or Communications Manager.
I have an old Avaya Definity PBX, would this be eligible for your Avaya Legacy Maintenance Program? If so, what additional savings can I expect compared to your Premium Protection Program?
Yes!  We take pride in keeping your Legacy telecom hardware preforming. 

Several factors determine your overall savings, on average you can expect a 30% reduction in overall costs compared to our Premium Protection Program.
I noticed on your website, under Avaya Maintenance Programs that monitoring is included as part of your maintenance contracts. We are running an older Avaya Definity Switch, are you capable of monitoring the older Definity switches?
Absolutely, we can monitor your older Definity system as a stand alone service or as part of our full service Legacy maintenance program. 
Can you maintain my voicemail system and other system adjuncts?
Absolutely!  As a leading third party maintenance provider we make it our business to maintain and support all OEM voicemails and adjuncts, existing or legacy.   If it was manufactured by or otherwise compatible with an Avaya or Northern Telecom phone system, we can support and maintain it.
Is Cornerstone Communications an Avaya Business Partner?
No, and gladly so!

Our independence from Avaya saves you money, plain and simple.  In addition, you the customer dictate who you want as your Avaya maintenance provider.  We believe you the customer should dictate terms and duration of your maintenance coverage not the other way around.  Cornerstone will maintain and service your existing telecommunications infrastructure as long as it makes sense for you, not for Avaya.

Should the need for upgrades or patches arise, Cornerstone has teaming agreements with various Avaya Platinum business partners.  These partnerships allow you to benefit from the cost saving services Cornerstone provides while maintaining the ability to utilize Avaya's services if needed
We self-maintain our phone system and have a lot invested in the phone equipment itself.  Can we purchase an equipment only agreement with support as needed on a T & M basis?
Cornerstone’s flexibility provides phone system support designed around your business needs.  We can provide full support through any of our Maintenance Solution programs or provide equipment only maintenance support and provide 24/7 Secure Watch Monitoring Service with T & M support as needed for those who self maintain their systems. 


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