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News Articles from March 2011

  • Avaya announces the END OF LIFE of Nortel Norstar Phone System Support

    As a provider of Nortel Maintenance, as well as Avaya Maintenance, Cornerstone Communications is doing our best to keep our customers informed of changes in the telecom industry.  Please keep in mind that Cornerstone will continue to support the Nortel Norstar equipment in our Nortel Maintenance Programs.

    "Over my 19 years in the Telecom business almost everything has changed, as telecom technology continues to advance at a rapid rate. One of the things that had never changed...

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  • 5 Reasons to Choose Third-Party Telecom Maintenance Over the OEM

    When I talk to companies about third-party Avaya and Nortel telecom maintenance solutions, I initially get a lot of resistance from people who believe that the OEM is the best alternative for off-warranty service contracts. I attribute this to myths about the level of support and expertise that OEMs offer as compared to that of third-party providers. It’s my job to de-bunk those myths.

    If you’re trying to save money by maintaining your telecom equipment past th...

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