Cornerstone's Short Term (Avaya, Nortel) Maintenance Offering

Published on: June 24, 2015

Cornerstone Communications announces a new “Short Term/ Transitional” maintenance program.

Cornerstone Communications has announced a new maintenance program for end-users who do not want to lock into a lengthy maintenance agreement.  “This new program is perfect for a company that may be looking to change out telecom platforms in the future.  On average this program saves 30% off of current maintenance costs and gives you the flexibility to cancel their maintenance as they transition to the new platform.”

This new program allows our customers to keep coverage on the current system during the transition period.  As the customers move to the new platform the ports/ users can be removed from maintenance the same day.

Benefits of the Program

•    Ability to cancel coverage at any time.

•    Coverage for all manufactures (i.e. Avaya, Nortel, Cisco, Mitel, Siemens).

•    Remove ports/ users off of maintenance coverage as they are transitioned to new platform.

•    Substantial maintenance cost savings.

•    Lower C.O.I. (Cost of Ownership).

•    Buy Back Program- Cornerstone will offer you top dollar for your equipment after transition.

For more information email Tim DeWald @ or 314-541-5363.

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