Program Overview

Cornerstone Communications has developed a unique program directed toward Brokers and Interconnects looking for an additional revenue stream. We are partnering with well-established Brokers and Interconnects who wish to enhance their business by providing value added services for their Avaya and Nortel clients. With this partnership, you can deliver valuable telecom maintenance solutions to your customers.

Our Partnership Program has been successfully implemented by many Brokers and Interconnects and offers exciting benefits and opportunities to strengthen your telecom service company. For starters, you will be compensated with a percentage of the annual maintenance contract, thus providing you with recurring revenue. You will also have the opportunity to earn additional revenue from providing on-site service and bi-annual preventive maintenance for all contracted maintenance locations. In the event your customers need additional equipment, you are eligible to receive wholesale pricing on your telecom purchases. Cornerstone’s Partnership Program expands the scope of your company and increases your service potential by allowing you to become a full-service maintenance provider.

This program is 100% RISK FREE. There is absolutely no obligation. If for any reason your client is not satisfied, the contract may be dissolved at any time. This is an opportunity to enhance your customer service, provide maintenance and cultivate future success.

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