Frequently Asked Questions

What if my customer calls Cornerstone Communications for telecom products or M.A.C.?
Your client will be calling a dedicated service line for assistance. It is established in our database which Interconnect "owns" each client. Cornerstone will forward your client's questions concerning billable work directly to you. 
What if my client has existing maintenance coverage?
Be aware of self-renewal clauses. Other maintenance providers often require 30-60 days written notice for contract termination. 
Will I have to sell this program on my own?
Cornerstone's sales staff is available to personally meet with you and your client in order to review and explain maintenance coverage benefits.
May I contact other Interconnects who are current participants in the Partnership Program?
Yes, we would be happy to provide you with associated references.
I like working with my local technician but he is not an authorized Avaya Maintenance Provider.  Can Cornerstone provide me Maintenance Support and allow me to use my local technician?
Working within existing professional relationships is right up our alley.  Cornerstone strives to make your Maintenance transition seamless and we welcome the opportunity to work with technicians/trusted partners who have a familiarity with your telephony infrastructure, security and safety protocols.  Teaming with your local technician/trusted partner is just one way Cornerstone can insure your operations run smoothly and efficiently.


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