For over 20 years Cornerstone Communications has delivered a higher level of service at a substantial savings.

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Moves, Adds & Changes (MAC)

At Cornerstone Communications, we have the ability to effectively provide nationwide onsite and remote moves, adds and changes from administration to call vectoring. Whether your service needs involve installation, wiring, relocation, de-installation, programming or audits, Cornerstone’s network of highly-qualified technicians will ensure that the job is completed to your satisfaction.

We have extensive experience with phone system moves and updates, DCS networking, voicemail, directory/name adds and changes, as well as department relocations. You can have the confidence that the superior customer service we provide for our telecom maintenance programs will be the same service rendered for any moves, adds or changes you may need.

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Repair and Refurbishing

Cornerstone’s repair and refurbishing services offer an environmentally friendly solution for defective Avaya and Nortel phone system equipment. Rather than discarding these items and purchasing new or previously refurbished equipment, we offer the opportunity of repairing or refurbishing your current telecom equipment at a fraction of the cost. In addition, Cornerstone offers a two-year warranty on all repaired or refurbished telecom equipment with an average savings of 20%. Now that’s good news for your budget.

Cornerstone Communications is not only committed to excellent customer service and comprehensive phone system maintenance, we are also committed to providing cost-effective, budget-friendly alternative solutions. We understand that your budget is important and that expectations are higher than ever for financial decision makers to find the best way to minimize cost while maintaining optimal functionality. With this in mind, Cornerstone Communications makes saving our customers money a top priority.

The positive environmental impact of our Repair and Refurbishing service is significant. Cornerstone Communications is dedicated to diminishing our carbon footprint. It’s a fact that for every ton of plastic recycled, FOUR BARRELS OF OIL are saved. That’s a significant reduction of unnecessary waste. With our Reduce, Reuse, Recycle program, we are proud to be an active participant in environmental conservation.

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